An entertaining version of the classic Sokoban with 50 levels


  • 50 levels to solve
  • Includes level editor
  • You can save games and continue them later on


  • No solver included


Sokoban is a traditional puzzle game that most people will have played at some point. With Sokoban++ you'll now be able to relive those testing times again while trying to move all the boxes in your warehouse in the most effective way.

Sokoban includes a bunch of levels – 50 of them - for you to beat. Don't hurry and don't get anxious: if you reach a dead end, you can undo as many movements as you need, or even restart the level completely from scratch. Sokoban++ also lets you save the exact position of a given level and continue it later on.

You can play all the levels in Sokoban++ in any order you want. The program doesn't include a solving tool, but has links to sokoban puzzle solvers you can download separately. You can move pieces either with cursor keys or with the mouse, and also create your own levels with the included editor.

Sokoban++ doesn’t feature brilliant graphics, but that's not big deal. The main point about this game is the puzzles themselves and your ability to solve them in the smallest number of movements.

Sokoban++ brings the traditional sokoban puzzles back to your PC.




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